Iraqi Bundles of Love

I just found out about this last night.  Tuesday, September 8th is the last day to ship.  It’s a great cause and really touched me.  A man stationed in Iraq set up a way to get sewing resources to the people of Iraqi before his unit is removed from the area.  He said he has never seen more resourcefulness than when he first came to Iraq.  I remember some people I met in Turkey who also were resourceful and could make anything out of nothing.  I loved his “About Me” page.  He describes himself as the son of a quilter, the husband of a quilter, the brother of a quilter and the father of a future quilter.  He said in another part of his site that he has known knitters and sewists to be of the most generous spirit and that you hardly meet a quilter that has sewn a quilt for their own bed.  So, before any more time runs out, I am headed to the post office to pack up some fabrics and yarn that have been shoved to the back of my closet, waiting someday to be used.  Now I know they will definitely be used.

For the address to ship to, leave a comment at the website: Iraqi Bundles of Love.


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