Simplicity 2593

white rolled neck tank - 3

Simplicity 2593 in japanese double cotton gauze, AFTER washing. See the crinkles?

I first saw this pattern on Angry Chicken and put it in the back of my mind.  Then I saw it for a dollar at Jo-Ann’s and bought it to experiment with some leftover fabric from my Far, Far Away quilt. I needed another white shirt (don’t we all?) and I thought maybe this was the application in which double cotton gauze could shine.

I have been messing around with the double gauze ever since I got into sewing this spring.  I made the nightgown and saw how it stuck to my undies.  I made jimbei pjs for Claire and saw how it got almost spongy after washing.  I wondered if it would launder well as a shirt.  I didn’t want to iron out the comfy sponginess.

This pattern is very simple–no shaping or interfacing.  The only trick is to get the rolled neck to look the way you want and then hope it comes out in the wash okay.  Because you can’t iron it, really.  I conclude that the double gauze worked well.  It has a relaxed feel, like linen which is supposed to get wrinkled, and that makes it a great summer top.  The rolled neck just gives it a little something extra special, with little extra effort.

One word of caution using double gauze:  it ravels easily, which caused some difficulty in cutting and ironing and applying the bias tape for the armholes and neckline.  If you could use a different fabric for that, it would save you some frustration AND fabric.

white rolled neck tank - 2

Does it look like I tried to bandage myself? But I do like the texture.


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