Birthday Decorations

I’ve been busy living, so not too much time for blogging.  I am not sure how some people do it:  living life to the fullest, then writing about it and adding fabulous pictures, to boot.  I guess I am too simple and lazy.  I really like to daydream.  Not much comes out of it, but it is a very pleasant thing to do when you have a nice window to sit by.  So when I am not busy, I don’t always think, oh, I should blog.  No, I like to sit in a rocking chair in the coolest room in the house and feel peaceful.  Oh, maybe that’s what I am–peaceful.  Not simple and lazy.  Yes, that sounds better. 🙂

However, I did get away from the window to make some decorations for Claire’s birthday party.  The garland pattern came from Stitched in Time by Alicia Paulson, the author of the blog Posy Gets Cozy.  For once, I did not make modifications.  I even used the same font she did for the lettering.  This was a very fun, but time-consuming project.  The fun outweighed the time, so I recommend this project.  Plus, you can use it year after year.


Collin and I made the pom-poms, using this tutorial at Martha Stewart Living .  This was SO easy and cheap.  I think it cost $3 all together.


The bags were a last-minute-stay-up-late and wake-up-early-and-trash-the-house-in-the-process project.  The fun in this project was that I didn’t use a pattern, didn’t measure much, didn’t pin or press much, and used what I had at home!  But it did take about 5 hours total to make 8 lined canvas totes with each child’s first initial.  I made these for the scavenger hunt and take-home goodie bag.  Children of this generation and demographic expect goodie-bags and although they are usually filled with junk (mine included!), the kids really like them.  They like junk!  They like to collect little trinkets and tiny bits and pieces.  They are definitely in tune with their hunter-gatherer instincts.



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