Sheepy Skirt

Sheepy skirt--tiered - 1

I recently bought the Sheepy Skirt Collection pattern from the Ravelry store. This comes with 19 different skirts!  Not to mention the variety of edgings you can do.  I had a hard time deciding on one to do, but after a few evenings of looking and looking and Collin saying, “pick one already!”, I choose the tiered skirt version.

Sheepy skirt--tiered - 4

Yarn: 100 pure wool; color "Hardly" More details at Ravelry

It has a nice flounce when Claire toddles around the house.  It’s great for somersaulting.  And it does its main job of covering cloth diapers very well.

twirly day - 08

The designer, Amanda Harrington, has a cute website with her creations called Sheepy Time Knits.  She was, maybe still is, a moderator on the Yahoo! Wool Soaker Group.  I used to spend hours while nursing in the early days reading all the knitting and off-topic advice on that group.  I had to quit it just to free up some time, when Claire became more mobile.  It’s interesting how close you can get on a Yahoo! group.  This one is a kind-hearted group and off-topic posts are okay if they are somehow related to mothering.  Heated discussions are usually ended by the moderator.  I decided to join back up because I missed all their chatter!


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