First Quilt Blocks in Far, Far Away Fabric

This is so typical of me–I buy some pretty fabric (or yarn) and then I have to figure out what I can do with it.  I think it would be SO MUCH easier to choose a pattern first, then buy the materials listed (maybe even exactly the same fabric or yarn suggested on the list), and proceed very smoothly with my project.  But no, I decided to buy a fat quarter set of Far, Far Away double cotton gauze fabrics to make my first quilt, a quilt for Claire.  I did not buy regular cotton that is easy to cut straight and doesn’t ravel.  I did not choose an easy pattern in a small size.  I also do not know what I am doing.  But look, isn’t it going to be cute anyway?

After the initial planning period of me staring at the pattern for hours, I figured out which fabrics I could use and where to put them.  I had to analyze the pattern and see what I liked about it and how it worked.  I noticed the color patterns that stood out to me.  I noticed the areas that were softer, and required less contrast.  I learned a lot more this way, I think, than if I would have just followed the pattern and bought the materials listed.  (But my way is so much harder, headache-y, and takes a long time!) This kind of quilting takes planning.  Next quilt project I hope to be more spontaneous and just cut up stuff and stick it together and somehow it will look cute!  Wouldn’t that be nice?  That’s how I do my hair and 50% of the time it works. 🙂

(When I get really good, I want to make this Jane Austen Quilt.)


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  1. […] saw it for a dollar at Jo-Ann’s and bought it to experiment with some leftover fabric from my Far, Far Away quilt.  Okay, it was leftover on purpose–I cut out the shirt first and then used the other 3 yards […]


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