Sailing . . . Keeps me awaaaaay from making dinner

A new outfit for Claire:  Sailboat Top and Skirt by Oliver + S.  Completed in 2 1/2 days with dogged determination and dinner cooked by Collin.  It’s been a couple weeks since I have made anything and I’m so pleased with the way this turned out.

Sailboat top and skirt - 14

During our trip to Ohio, we made a special trip to Columbus just to buy fabric at Sew To Speak.  This is such a darling shop!  I’m calling it a “fabric boutique.”  This is definitely a candy store a crafter cannot resist.  I bought both of the fabrics at this store and the pattern AND other lovely things that you will see soon.  

Sailboat top and skirt - 11Isn’t it too cute for words?

The skirt is made of Kona cotton, which I keep hearing about for quilting and comes in the biggest rainbow of colors I’ve ever seen.  It is very sturdy, medium weight cotton.  I’m interested to see how the color washes.  

Sailboat top and skirt - 10The kick-pleat is much easier than it looks. 

To make this fit Claire and her cloth diaper, I used the hip measurement to find her size, which turned out to be 2T.  However, her waist is a 6-12 month size.  Thankfully, the back waistband is elastic.  Elastic to the rescue again.  Oh, I hope Claire isn’t hippy like me!  It’s just the cloth diaper, right?  I’m excited to make more bottoms for Claire that will fit her and the cloth diaper exactly.  It has been frustrating to find clothes besides knit pants that will fit. 

Sailboat top and skirt - 02


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by emilie on July 14, 2009 at 12:13 pm

    So cute! love the fabric. What is with the sandals though? And my friend, you are by NO means hippy! Hippie, maybe but you have a lovely figger.


  2. Posted by amberjsquirrel on July 15, 2009 at 8:18 pm

    One sandal is Claire’s and the other is Cousin Natalie’s. Claire has been in love with those vinyl things for months! She loves anything of Natalie’s.
    Thanks for the compliment on my figger! 🙂


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