Unpadded Padded Footlets

I finished a knitting project!  And it is for myself, which is rare.  So I am excited to share the news.  I suppose the 90 degree days do not call for sock-wearing, but these are made of a spongy cotton blend that is very comfortable.  I like this yarn a lot.  It is KnitPicks Risata in Buttermilk.  My modification details are on my Ravelry page.  I didn’t do the padding.  I got too frustrated and I had to modify the overall size, so I left it out.

Footlets - 3Footlets - 4I’m planning to make a miniature pair for Claire soon.  But this week, I am putting my projects on hold while I help my sister paint their new home.  However, I can always put in a few minutes of relaxing knitting in the evening while Collin and I veg’ together.  I’ve been watching a lot of “House Hunters International” lately and dreaming about a getaway apartment in Paris.  I have noticed, though, that the people buying places like this do not have children.  I joked to Collin, If Claire goes to the Naval Academy (free tuition), we can get a Paris apartment.   He did not like that idea at all!  You can always identify an Academy parent by the Navy license plate on their shiny, new SUV.


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  1. What nice ankles you have. The socks are so cute! Why did you get frustrated? They look like a quick knit–are they?


  2. Posted by amberjsquirrel on June 23, 2009 at 8:00 pm

    Thank you! The second sock I knitted in three short evenings, so they are quick. The first one took three attempts and an email to someone else who knitted them to figure it out. Basically, they were too big for me so that was frustrating. I really didn’t like decreasing the gusset every 4 rows (as I think that’s what the pattern called for). The padding is done like double knitting, so it isn’t hard, but it’s not enjoyable, at least at this needle size and I knit a little tight. I felt like I was going to break my needles. So I frogged and made my mods and then it was done! AND being anklets, it was really quick, too.


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