Girly Jimbei

Girly Jimbei - 8Here is a pair of Girly Jimbei with ruffles and a curved hem.  I also put ruffles on the shorts.  What is very satisfying about sewing for Claire is that she is starting to know that I am making things just for her.  She likes the special clothing and when she puts it on she smooths it out with her hands and says, “CUUUUTE!”

Girly Jimbei - 13
These take longer than the classic Jimbei because of the ruffles and puff sleeves, but worth the extra work for a little girl.  Being a girl takes time!  I wish I could throw on a polo shirt and khakis and look good and never be out of style, but I can’t.  I need a few “embellishments.”

I am going to add directions and a pattern for these Girly Jimbei in the very next post! (Update:  Making a pdf file for a pattern is beyond my capabilities at this point.  I need to learn a bit more first. Sorry!)

For a classic Jimbei pattern in Japanese, head to Fabric Tales, a very nice online fabric store.  They cut the fabric absolutely straight!  I really appreciate that.  It saves a lot of time and there is no wondering if you got the yardage you paid for.  This fabric is from Hancock Fabrics, where the saleswoman cut a little extra to make up for any unevenness, which is nice, too.

Stay tuned for my first free pattern!  I’m very excited to share something at last.

Girly Jimbei - 05


3 responses to this post.

  1. Oh my! I love this outfit! It’s so sweet! The little ruffles were worth the effort! Simply stunning!


  2. Posted by amberjsquirrel on June 18, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    Thank you for taking a look!


  3. You would look good in a polo shirt and khakis.

    Beautiful jimbei, and super-cute Claire!


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