Buttercup Bag for Rhonda

Surprise!  It’s a Buttercup Bag!  No, actually Rhonda was surprised by all of us jumping out from behind couches and tables at a farewell party for her and her family.  They are moving to D.C. next week. Buttercup Bag for Rhonda 5 I thought she ought to have her very own Buttercup Bag to take to the metropolis, so I whipped one up during this afternoon’s nap.

Here are the details of her bag:

1. Amy Butler “daisy chain” fabric backed with a lightweight fusible interfacing.

2. White linen lining.

3. Foam green piping and thread.

Buttercup Bag for Rhonda 1

Buttercup Bag for Rhonda 2

Surprisingly, I found that I really liked using a light color thread and light color lining.  The stitching isn’t too obvious in the lining, but it makes a nice contrast on the exterior.  Also, the sea foam green did not “match” the green in the fabric, but I think the color piping I choose is a more subtle contrast.  The piping also gave it more structure for keeping it’s shape.  I topstitched through the lining on the top and bottom of the purse upper to make it more secure when prying open the magnetic snap.

I’m very happy with it and Rhonda is too!


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