New and Old Supplies

And so it begins . . .  I’m going to learn quilting and make a quilt for Claire.  The deadline:  when she learns how to climb out of her crib and moves into a big girl’s bed.

new and old supplies


I set up a sewing center in my dining room.  Here I organized my thread (ROY G.BIV!) on the fireplace mantle.

new and old supplies 5


This old skirt is going to become the skirt of the Tea Party Dress for Claire–the first of many tea party dresses, I’m sure.

new and old supplies 1


I can barely fit the bodice of the tea party dress on my fabric leftover from the continuous bias tape project, but it works!new and old supplies


Note to self:  Use a copier instead of tracing 9 tiny pieces of the pattern, (using the window as a lightbox, I might add).  Egads!  The pattern is 2T-5T.  I think I’ll get A LOT of use out of it.

new and old supplies 3


Stayed tuned for Claire’s new dress by the end of the week.  Coming soon–my completed summer blouse.

Have a great Memorial Day!


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