Trapeze Dress

It looked really simple, just the kind of thing I would like to wear in the evening after a shower, before committing to pajamas.  I could still take a walk or talk to neighbors outside.  Plus, it had pockets to keep all my “notes to self.”

It turned out that this dress was not so simple.  AND it fit terribly.  And I made stupid mistakes on top of it all.   But maybe it was a bad week for me.

Here you can see the large amount of gaping that occurred.  To fix this, I used elastic.  Elastic to the rescue again! I put it in the back, which also made it more comfortable.

Trapeze 1

trapeze 2

The straps took quite a bit of adjusting.  They are set wide and that means they fall down a lot, unless they are angled in the back.  The instructions have you sew the straps in at a predetermined place.  But that place was not the right place on me.  It would have been helpful to have the chance to determine the front strap placement also.   It could have been sewn in as the straps were in the back, after the bodice is sewn and you can try it on.

trapeze 4

If you make this dress, before you sew the pockets on, make sure that they will match up when you sew the front and back together.  For some reason, the pattern has huge circles to note where to place the pockets.  A straight line would have been a lot more accurate.  Maybe I am missing something, but you’ll not be sorry if you match it all up before sewing the pockets on.

And now I am happy with it, for the job it will do as “dusk wear.”  I don’t think it is particularly flattering on me.  There was supposed to be a center pleat, but the pattern left that off.  I don’t know how an editor can let that happen!

trapeze 5


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