Clothespin apron


Clothespin apron to match Claire, originally uploaded by Amber J. Squirrel.

To celebrate the coming spring, I made this clothespin apron in March. The apron is essentially one huge pocket and it makes hanging the laundry much faster and easier.

I found the pattern here

This was my first apron. I am suprised by all the apron patterns available and the enthusiasm people have for them. Amazing!  Now I think I must have a special apron for every housekeeping activity.  Or an apron for each mood.

Claire needed an apron of her own.  She likes to eat crackers from the pocket of hers.

criss-cross apron front
criss cross apron

I found the pattern for this apron here.  Look for the pattern in the sidebar.  I made a modification.  I put snaps on the shoulder straps instead of tying the straps.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I love that she eats crackers from the pocket of her apron. My daughter would do that.
    Very cute.


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